Jessica Kiper, actress and contestant on 2008's Survivor: Gabon reality program, has revealed that she has done voice work for the upcoming L.A. Noire. When asked what Kiper, who also goes by "Sugar" was up to, she told People:

I have a band, She Loves Betty White. I play the drums and sing. I got cast as Magenta in [an upcoming LA run of] The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm in a video game coming out this summer. [Working title is L.A. Noir.] I'm auditioning and back to square one. People know who I am, but I still drive the crappiest car.

While she has not been officially announced yet, Kiper won't be alone. As Variety points out, the recent Game Informer feature on LA Noire revealed that over 300 actors and actresses are being used for the title. The cast is headed up by Aaron Station from AMC's Mad Men.

L.A. Noire apparently features a "groundbreaking facial-animation system".

The 1940s crime title has experienced delays and what seems like a messy development cycle.


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