Finally, A New Look At L.A. Noire

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We've been reliant on 2006's teaser for L.A. Noire for all of our visual reference, sick to death of using the same screengrabs from Team Bondi's target render. No longer! We're finally getting an updated look at the game.

The upcoming issue of Game Informer magazine features the above L.A. Noire cover, offering a much needed updated look—that "long-awaited reveal" we were promised—at Rockstar Games' oft-delayed "gritty detective tale" set in the '40s.


The mag's teaser promises a look at the "astonishing reconstruction of 1947 Los Angeles" and "L.A. Noire's groundbreaking facial-animation system," which reads unfortunately like "very little gameplay information." Here's to hoping that's wrong and that the March issue has plenty of details in its 10-page spread on the game.

March Cover Revealed [Game Informer]

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Why are we supposed to think it's cool that they spelled noir wrong?

What the fucke?