A promotional survey taken by a video game price comparison site turns up an interesting stat: The average gamer will spend just under two years of his or her life, in combined time, playing video games.

That's based on a couple of assumptions, largely that the survey population of 1,452 begins gaming around age 9 and will play to age 45, and will game on average about 9 hours a week in that span. Totaled up, that is 478 hours a year spent gaming (or about 25 percent of hours worked in a full-time job), and then multiplied over that 9 to 45 span, it's 1.8 years.


Since we've already established that you'll spend, what, about a year of your life sitting on the john, does this survey also account for mobile gaming while on the crapper?

The survey was taken by Playr2.com; the survey's managers said the figures cited are averages. Those who play titles such as Madden or FIFA would be expected to spend less time with a game than someone playing an MMO.

Survey Says Gamers Spend Two Years Mashing Buttons [Joystick Division]

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