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Survey: Hispanic Gamers More Inclined to Buy Games

Illustration for article titled Survey: Hispanic Gamers More Inclined to Buy Games

Hispanic gamers are more likely to buy console video games, less influenced by price points in their choices, and consider themselves gaming novices, according to a survey by Univision, which will team with GameSpot to produce a Spanish-language games portal.


Univision commissioned the study of the Hispanic gamer market, which sociologists consider undeserved by and underrepresented in video games, so that its results would coincide with the news of its partnership with GameSpot, unveiled today. Univision is the top Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States. It'll soon begin hosting a games portal on its site, with content supplied by GameSpot. A news release said some of that content will be exclusive to Univision's portal and originally produced in Spanish.


Univision's survey said that Hispanic gamers were twice as likely as non-Hispanic gamers to answer that they planned to buy a video game at some point in the next 30 days. Further, they were 15 percent less likely to say the price of a game was a primary reason in their purchasing decision.

Also, half of them consider themselves n00bs. More than 50 percent of Hispanic respondents rated their experience level as "novice," as opposed to non-Hispanics, only 30 percent of whom claimed "novice" ability. The survey was comprised of answers from 524 Hispanic and non-Hispanic adults ages 18 to 54

Univision notes this is the second time it's collaborated with a property owned by CBS Interactive. In 2008 it and CNET also combined to launch a Spanish-language technology site on

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Univision and Telemundo are run by Mexicans. Remember that, before you say Hispanics. It makes it seem like these stations are run by all different types of Hispanic cultures. My Hispanic heritage is from Argentina, but I was born in NJ.

I only speak Spanish when I talk to my Parents. I was brought up to hate Mexicans. Because Mexicans act like they own the entire Hispanic race. It's why when gringo's think of Hispanics. They usually think of Mexicans first.

I have nothing against Mexicans. I just want everyone to know that not every Hispanic race watches Univision and Telemundo. It's Mexican television. Watched mostly by Mexicans. So this study is probably based on Mexican gamers.