Supreme Commander 2 Gets Steam Achievements, DRM

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The PC version of Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander 2 will run on Valve's Steamworks and come with online achievements, auto-updates and, yes, Steam's DRM.


Both the retail and electronic versions of Supreme Commander 2 for the PC will be powered by the service. Valve also announced that the demo for the game is available now and people chomping at the bit to spend money on the March 1 game can pre-purchase the title through Steam.

No word if the integration of Steamworks into Supreme Commander 2 will impact whether the game will be sold on Direct2Drive, Impulse or GamersGate. All three of the digital distribution services refused to sell Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 after Steamworks integration was announced for that title.



Steams DRM just put the iffy into SC 2... I was greatly looking forward to it till now.

Steam isnt that great, idk why dev's focus on it for installation. less i buy something off steam, i dont want my discs to require me to register the game on steam. thats the half the point of not buying it off steam!

Id rather have the securom the original had, least it only requires the disc, not an internet connection.

(which yes, is a problem, my internet has been crap lately and that shuts out everything ive got off steam... mostly special deals but still. plus steam isnt that fast, securom takes less time to boot a game then steam does.)