Supreme Commander 2 Dated For North America

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A European release window yesterday becomes a definitive U.S. release date today for Supreme Commander 2, with a video showing you what you could be playing come March.


Square Enix will be publishing Supreme Commander 2 in North America on March 2nd of next year on the PC and March 16th for the Xbox 360. To celebrate the announcement, they've released a video of Chris Taylor, Founder and Creative Director of Gas Powered Games, walking us through a typical battle. It looks like exactly what I was shown at E3 2009, actually, only without Chris Taylor actually being in the room with you.



i'm a huge RTS fan and have unfortunately wasted a lot of money hoping for that perfect console RTS to come along, i've tried them all with an open mind and sadly, they are all really less than stellar control wise. it's just too hard to micromanage dozens/hundreds of things at once with an analog stick and a few buttons. Halo Wars worked great but that was hardly a giant RTS like SC. this is one genre that I think needs to stay on PC's.