Through July 12 - the day after the World Cup championship - Uncharted 2 players may choose from 16 different World Cup shirts for Drake and Flynn in multiplayer, one for each nation that advanced to the Cup's knockout stage.

Naughty Dog made the skins active last night, calling it a gesture to soccer fans who have taken every opportunity to support their teams in online interactions. "We thought it would be cool to extend that show of fan support within Uncharted 2 multiplayer," the studio wrote.


The catch, however, in order to have all 16 nations represented both in heroes and villains roles, Naughty Dog had to temporarily remove some characters from the selection screen. However, all characters available through paid DLC are still available, the studio says. But that means newly added multiplayer characters Blaine and Dutch will be inactive for the life of this promotion.

If your nation is among the sixteen still standing, chances are you already know this. But even if it's eliminated today, tomorrow, or down the line, you'll still be able to pick it. Here are the multiplayer skins for Uncharted 2 through July 12:

• Uruguay
• Mexico
• Argentina
• South Korea
• United States
• England
• Germany
• Ghana
• Netherlands
• Japan
• Paraguay
• Slovakia
• Brazil
• Portugal
• Spain
• Chile

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