Baseball starts in the spring. Just when that sport’s season is wrapping up, football kicks off and goes into the winter. When it comes to comics crossovers, though, it seems like big universe changing-events are always in season. Right now, DC and Marvel have major happenings threading across big chunks of their superhero universes, promising changes that readers will never see coming. Is this kind of anyway they can feel fresh anymore?


In the video above, Kotaku bossman Stephen Totilo and myself talk about the Forever Evil, Infinity and Battle of the Atom crossover happening in the realms of the Justice League, Avengers and X-Men. We talk about crossovers of the past, too, and the kinds of things that we’d like to see that would make these kinds of line-wide staples feel more worthwhile. So, please chime in and let us know what you think a superhero crossover needs to do to be a success.

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