Capcom went through somewhere between 400 and 500 designs before the finalized version of Super Street Fighter IV South Korean fighter Juri was approved — wonder if any of them looked like this...


Some of the ideas tossed around were an old lady and and ice skater. (Yes, ice skater!) Capcom eventually decides to make Juri "bad and somewhat erotic" — hence Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono request to show the sides of Juri's breasts. Breasts, which we might note, have gotten bigger.


The character motif, according to Capcom, is a spider, and her silhouette is actually based on a Tae Kwan Do uniform. What's more, Juri was slightly plump in her early incarnations, but since a plump Juri didn't look evil enough, Capcom decided to get rid of that excess fat.

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