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South Korean Fighter Gets Bust Size Change

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The official Japanese website for Super Street Fighter IV has been getting a few changes here and there. One small. Another bigger.

Take the official Japanese tagline, which has been tweaked slightly from "Go call a guy who's strong than I" to "A guy who's stranger than I is calling". The bigger change is what has been done to the bust size of South Korean fighter Juri.

Initially, her bust was listed at 75 cm or about 30 inches. Her newly edited bust size is now 83 cm or about 33 inches. And like that, she has larger breasts. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe Capcom initially put a smaller size on the page.

Illustration for article titled South Korean Fighter Gets Bust Size Change

Also, her "Likes" have been edited as well: Previously, one of her likes was big boobs. Now she has them. Hooray!


Capcom has stated that the inclusion of a South Korean fighter was to appeal to a larger audience. And the altering to a larger bust size is to appeal to...?

Illustration for article titled South Korean Fighter Gets Bust Size Change

「スーパーストリートファイターIV」、キャッチコピーや新キャラ「ジュリ」のバストサイズが突然変更 : はちま起稿 [はちま起稿]

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Sir-Lucius does anything for Dethklok

Do people seriously consider the ethnic background of a character when deciding what fighting game franchise to go with? I've never found myself picking Dudley or Elena because I'm black. I just pick the characters that I enjoy playing as the most. And 99% of the time I'll try out every character multiple times before settling on a main.

A character's overall design definitely plays a part in who I'll initially be interested in playing as, but the fact that I grew up playing fighters where you could make the character's skin green or purple through palette swaps kinda negated any real sense of race during that initial exposure.

And I can say that race or gender has never played a role in who I finally settle on as a main. It could be the most stupid, asinine design ever and I wouldn't care so long as I enjoyed the character's moves and fighting styles.

I guess I just find the marketing for this strange. It would be one thing if they decided to include a Korean character due to Tae Kwon Do or some other uniquely Korean cultural thing that added to the game. But to state that it's to appeal to a larger market?

Then again, I find the whole idea of ethnic and national pride to be completely retarded, so maybe I'm just not the target audience here.