Although unlikely to get an official release in North America, Super Street Fighter IV will get a cabinet in Japan, Capcom said at the recently concluded Japanese championships.

Producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed the arcade release after presenting console copies of the game to the winners of 3-vs-3 tournament for original Street Fighter IV. You can see the announcement at 2:30 of this video, which is entirely in Japanese, but "Super Street Fighter IV" and "arcade" are mentioned, and the loud cheer from the crowd, followed by the title graphic, says plenty. The image above was also released at the event.

The arcade release of Street Fighter IV also was limited to Japan although some arcades in the United States did import the machine. One of them, Arcade Infinity of Rowland Heights, Calif., tweeted that the machine is due for a July/August release.

I pinged Capcom USA's Seth Killian to ask yowassup, since I couldn't follow any of what was said, and he confirmed that this is on the level. "We knew players wanted it, and while it took us a while to make it happen, the time has come for arcade fans around the world to collectively high-five and get ready to join the Super SFIV party," Killian said.

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