Just when you thought you'd seen all the characters Street Fighter IV had to offer, along comes a tease for more.

A flyer for the upcoming arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV has a fairly significant tease along the bottom.


It's not talking about the characters added to the console version - like Dudley - because those are already pictured.


What's more, the Japanese text splashed across the front of the statement isn't a question. It says something along the lines of "The Appearance Of New Challengers!"

Some new fighters, perhaps? Could be. It's not like it'd be without precedent; after all, Capcom added a bunch of new fighters to Street Fighter IV when it made the jump from arcade to console; no reason they can't do the same in this case, especially since they'll need to convince people to head to an arcade to play a game they already own at home.


New challengers coming for Super Street Fighter 4? [eventhubs, thanks Jon!]

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