Ordinarily, when folks monetize their game piracy, they use Craigslist or some other indirect means of making a sale. I've never heard of a pirate peddling his stuff in a shopping mall, as a Canadian man is accused of doing.

The Mounties bagged a 31-year-old man - long on the radar of U.S.-based piracy investigators - accusing him of selling copied games for about $10 each out of the back of a hobby store in Richmond, British Columbia. He is, pardon my legalese, in deep doo-doo.

The pirate, who wasn't named, was nabbed by the private investigation firm of IPSA International, which works for entertainment software industry clients, which means game makers.

The story didn't say if he was burning console discs or PC games. Vancouver is a regular venue for antipiracy sweeps, apparently.

Buyers Beware Of Pirated Video Games [The Province via Game Politics]