Super Mario Vs. Mecha Bowser Is One Of Mario Maker's Best Stages Yet

Image Credit: Letter10Media

You might think this GIF is all you need to know about the brilliant Mario Maker level Super Mario vs. Mecha Bowser, but there’s so much more.


I finally got around to this stage during my Mario Maker Mornings series on YouTube, and while that initial “oh, crap!” moment as this monstrous creature slowly marches towards you is brilliant, it’s just one of many.

There’s the way it plays part of the Godzilla theme as you enter the level:


Or how a P-Switch is used to cut Mecha Bowser off at the knees:

Or how a pipe leads you to Mecha Bowser’s insides, where you need to solve a simple puzzle that lets you dismantle the lumbering beast:


Or when a set of red cannons are bunched together to signify Mecha Bowser’s heart, which you must quickly blow up and send into the lava:


It’s such a great stage, and you can bookmark the stage right here. Clever, funny, and a joy to play. I wonder how long until Nintendo deletes it?

You can watch me play through the whole thing—and curse a bunch of levels from Japan—over here:

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I’ve never played Mario Maker at all, but it is pretty amazing to me that’s even possible to do in the level editor—the mecha bowser, that is.

It kind of makes me wish I had a Wii U.