This game cannot come soon enough.

Early copies of Super Mario Maker are beginning to land in the hands of press outlets (look for more from Kotaku very soon!), which means we’re about to learn way more about the game.

I personally don’t have a copy of the game yet, so I’ve found myself watching the dang title screen for Super Mario Maker over and over, courtesy of GameXplain.

If you touch the letters, they sometimes introduce elements you’ll be using to build (and play) levels in Super Mario Maker, while others offer up Nintendo’s trademark sense of humor. If you touch the M, for example, it flips around to a W and you hear Wario laughing.


(I would happily take a Super Wario Maker in the future, Nintendo!)

You should watch the full GameXplain video to see everything the title screen is hiding, but I found myself laughing at the game dumping coins all over Mario:


Or suddenly applying an old-timey sepia filter to the world:


Never change, Nintendo.

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