Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hits North America May 23

Illustration for article titled Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hits North America May 23

Super Mario Galaxy 2 hits North America on May 23, Nintendo of America's Cammie Dunaway told a group of writers gathered in San Francisco for the Nintendo Summit this morning.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 will also be playable at today's day-long event.

Earlier today, writers at a similar event in Australia learned that both Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Other M would be hitting stores there "mid year".

First revealed at E3, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is said to have 90 percent new levels with the rest being levels from the original Mario Galaxy with different objectives. Shigeru Miyamoto said at the time that the original plan was to "essentially create new variations of the worlds in Super Mario Galaxy." But, over time, the developers have had so many ideas that most of those originals were cut.

Stay tuned for more news coming out of the summit as we continue to report live from San Francisco and of course check back later today for our hands-on impressions.


Reverend Green

This is really surprising. That's 2 substantial mario games in a 7 month span. Usually we have to wait about 5 years. Really strange, nintendo, but I guess that confirms zelda for this fall.