Sunday Comics Deathmatch: The Winners

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Last week we put our current Sunday Comics features and 13 new candidates up for a vote. The results are in and your new page arrives Sunday. Find out who stays, who goes, and who got invited!


We picked the 10 top vote-getters overall. We didn't assert any editorial prerogative, these are all your choices, and they're all high quality. The new Sunday Comics lineup is:

Awkward Zombie (6,382 votes)
Nerf NOW!(5,210)
Penny Arcade (5,044)
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things (4,475)
Rooster Teeth (2,903)
Brawl In The Family (2,800)
Virtual Shackles (2,538)
Dueling Analogs (2,195)
Another Video Game Webcomic(1,965)
ActionTrip (1,514)

• - New comic

Thanks again to everyone who voted, congratulations to the artists and creators of the 10 features, and be sure to check in on your new Sunday Comics, this Sunday at 9 a.m. Mountain Time.


Polls Closed; Final Results Below

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This should, on paper, be a significant improvement.

However, since this is the Internet, I shall be expecting the same amount of constant complaining nevertheless.