Summer Games Done Quick Raises Over $2 Million For Charity

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Image: SGDQ

Summer Games Done Quick has wrapped up after a week of streaming, and we got a week of very cool shit, some fun times, and over $2 million raised for Doctors Without Borders—also known by its better name, Médecins Sans Frontières.


Despite this year’s event being an online-only show, and taking place amidst a soul-crushing global pandemic and economic crisis, viewers still parted ways with a huge amount of cash. SGDQ 2020's final tally came in at $2,308,922.84.

That money is going straight to DWB, who on top of all their other amazing global work are now also at the front lines in the fight against the spread and effects of Covid-19.

If you missed any of the action and want to catch up, GDQ have a YouTube page with an archive of all the runs that took place over the week.

Fans of these events can mark January 3-10 2021 in their calendars, because that’s when SGDQ’s counterpart Awesome Games Gone Quick is taking place.

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I actually didn’t have too high hopes for this one. I’d previously tried to watch some of the online-only mini-events, and they were really rough. Constant tech issues, lag between commentators making them talk over each other, a general lethargic vibe.

Fortunately, these issues weren’t as bad for SGDQ. It was still a little rough around the edges - audio mixing was a particular problem, and more than a few runners seemed like they weren’t interested in their own run - but enough of them were good that I happily watched for hours. I might not 100% it, like I have previous events, but I’ve got hours of VODs I’m sure I’ll watch.

I’m going to point people at the Pump It Up showcase run as a high mark of the marathon. Rhythm games can’t really be speedrun, but just completing some of those tracks is an accomplishment. Definitely give that a watch.