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Stupidity Is Universal (Pornography, Too)

Illustration for article titled Stupidity Is Universal (Pornography, Too)

You might know Gatchaman (known in the West as Battle of the Planets) from the fighting game Tatsunoko vs. Capcom or the Gatchaman anime. You will know Eririka Katagiri for this stupid stunt she pulled over the weekend.


Earlier this year, Katagiri made her adult video debut, and seemed well on her way as an adult internet celebrity in Japan. Katagiri is a Japanese internet idol. She first made her fame by dry humping an electric guitar (NSFW), and then cemented it by dancing provocatively, flashing her boobs, her thonged ass—you get the idea. If you don't, here are some of her videos, many NSFW.

To appeal to nerds, she's done things like broadcasting from a maid cafe, walking the streets of Akihabara dressed as Dragon Ball's Frieza, and cosplayed at the Wonder Festival, an event for game and anime figurines and models.


For someone who thrives on being provocative, Katagiri raised the stupid stakes over the weekend. She stopped by a friend's house. Dressed as Gatchaman, she began her broadcast, live on Japanese site Nico Nico Douga. She lined up fireworks and began setting them ablaze.

Katagiri began laughing gleefully as the fire alarm went off. Her friend came into the room, asking her what the heck she was doing and telling her to open the windows. Katagiri's friend told her to get water and she chucks it on the floor, causing him to kick her in the butt. She apologized, but after he left the room, Katagiri lit the fireworks again.

The second time, she inhaled too much smoke, and she collapsed to the floor. Her friend comforted her and tried to get her out of the room. He then tells her to get out of the house, and she apologized several times. He told her it was okay, and after she got outside, the sound of cop cars and ambulances became louder and louder. Apparently, seven fire engines showed up, reports Maniacs Z.

Seven minutes of the ordeal can be viewed in the gallery above. Reactions online range from bemusement to outrage to wondering if she's on drugs.


This was a poorly thought out stunt—for publicity, or not. Katagiri has since apologized on her blog for what happened, promising never to set off firework in people's houses again. Well, duh.

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(Top photo: 片桐えりりか | PR)

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how many of ya " get the idea" yet still clicked on the link?

I needed to, for research purposes.