Study Says Kids Likely to Play Video Game Sports in Real Life

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Duh, you say. Well, the usefulness of the report suggests that playing video games ain't entirely sedentary, and aren't a threat to actual exercise. Ah, now do you see? Sports games are our friends.

The UK industry group TIGA touted the research, done a by a French business school's sports marketing department. The study found 38 percent of boys (well, males under 21) who played sports games practiced their favorite video game sport in real life. Additionally, the study said 75 percent of all gamers also took part in some kind of real sport.

Granted, that's not adult gamers, where the get-off-your-ass stigma has a different tone, but as most alarmist reports on gaming's impact have a what-about-the-children motivation, this certainly helps there.


"Video games are frequently demonized," said a representative of the French business school. "We now know that these fears are unfounded.There is a strong correlation between playing video games and participating in real sports. Watching television is a threat to physical activity. Video games are not, however."

The entire news release from TIGA is here.

Kids Who Play Sports Games Likely to Play Sports in Real Life [Game Politics]

If anyone's wondering what that image is all about, it's from this feature last year.

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Those kids look like Dick and Jane, the kids from the books that we had to read when I was in 1st grade.

Hated those kids. Hated 'em.


My mom taught me how to read when I was very young, to the point that by the time I was 4 years old, I could read the encyclopedias my parents bought a few years earlier. I was probably the only kid on our block who knew who Don Marquis was, and his creations Archy and Mehitabel.

Soooo, when I got into 1st grade (we didn't have to read at all in kindergarten), we open our books that would help us learn how to read.

"See Dick Run."

"Run, Dick, Run."

Yes Dick, run. Preferably into the path of oncoming traffic.

If I had relied on that stultifying dreck for my further reading education, I would never have wanted to read at all.

The neat Pac-man hats helps my perceptions of the two idiots at bit ^_^.

But seriously, games nowadays are demonized as comics were demonized when I was younger. The school (the same school that served up the Dick and Jane drivel) discouraged the reading of comic books as "mindless", but my mom (who, when she was younger was an avid comic reader) encouraged my reading of comics (as long as they were appropriate, age-wise), and I think they were far more helpful, as were the other books I read as a kid, in furthering my interest in reading than any of the pablum served up in my earlier grades.

I see sports games as being in the same boat.