Street Fighter V Mod Lets You Play As Sombra From Overwatch

It was surely only a matter of time before Overwatch’s latest hacker hero got spliced into Street Fighter V.

The mash-up comes from THEJAMK, who’s no stranger to messing with the character models in Capcom’s latest fighting game. Using Street Fighter’s Laura as the foundation, THEJAMK tweaked her design here and there to transform her into everybody’s favorite new Overwatch hero. And since the Brazilian fighter already had a similar haircut—long on the onside and cropped short on the other—she was an obvious fit.

THEJAMK said us much in their explanation for the video:

“Well, I think it was obvious this Mod. I’m not exactly proud of the animation in the clothes, but I think it’s not that bad. The colors are not exactly the same as the original because I wanted the alternative colors to work. And it is somewhat difficult since the character has degraded colors. Anyway I hope you like it.”

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At this point Overwatch feels like that friend at the party who’s really fun and charming and can’t stop making funny jokes and insightful social commentary...but who you secretly can’t wait to leave so someone else can get a chance to talk.