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Street Fighter II HD Was Nearly Binned Over Artwork

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Boy, Street Fighter II HD was a long time coming, wasn't it? There were times we thought it had been canned. No wonder, then, because it turns out Capcom nearly did can it.

Speaking with Videogamer, developer David Sirlin has told of how - faced with the prospect of throwing away nearly all of the game's art because it wasn't "good enough" - the team at Backbone were expecting the worst.

Yeah [cancelling the game] was a possibility. It felt the most possible during that first phase during the art that we had to throw away. It was unspoken but everyone just knew it that if that art wasn't going to work out then maybe they were going to cancel the whole thing. And turns out they didn't. I wonder if there was just so much pressure from the outside that kept them going, I mean from the world of gaming. Everyone knew about the project by then.


Well, don't think there was pressure. More wonderment at how a 2D remake could take so damn long. But hey, if it was perceived as pressure, and that saved the project, then it's all good!

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