Streamers Aren't Sure What To Make Of The Classic Activision Games In Call Of Duty: WWII

There’s a place in Call of Duty: WWII’s social space where you can play old Activision games from the 80s. It’s a cool easter egg and something that we’ve seen in past Call of Duty games, but some modern Youtube gamers couldn’t decide what to do with them.


The R&R station in WWII’s Headquarters is just a make-shift tent around a crate with a chessboard on top. Click on the pieces and a menu opens up where you can purchase up to 15 different retro classics. The way it functions is similar to Animal Crossing on the GameCube where you could unlock NES games like Punch-Out!! and Balloon Fighter, except that the library is filled with games once published by Activision like Boxing, Enduro, and even Spider Fighter.

“Games [Activision] has made in the past like Nintendo and before Nintendo,” is actually how HollowPoint described it in recent video tour of the Headquarters. “Some of these, I was probably like a little kid when these were out,” he continues. Then he moves on to the gun smith.

PrestigeIsKey was less impressed. “This is going to give you the ability to play old school Activision games at a cost of 10 credits which I don’t think it’s worth doing that.”

And then there’s TmarTn, an accomplished YouTuber who’s enthusiasm (when he isn’t promoting gambling) is simply infectious:

“What’s up bruh, you all wanna talk to me, play some chess,” he says as he goes over to check out the R&R icon. What? Take a load off can play Activision classics, are you kidding me?...I wonder if you get rewarded for that?”

Unlike a lot of other people who stopped at the wartime arcade during their video tours, however, Tmartn actually played some of Grand Prix, a simple, side-scrolling racer that probably isn’t much fun. He endured though hoping their might be some reward. “I’m not really sure what the objective is here—holy cow—are we gonna actually get something from playing this or is this just kind of a fun little side thing?” No one has ever worked so hard to make a game of Grand Prix seem so exciting.

Rewards were definitely a theme in a lot of the YouTube videos of people first encountering the R&R portion of the Headquarters space. After all, the primary purpose of it is to give you a dedicated zone for opening loot boxes and messing around with your new gear. Why wouldn’t Grand Prix have a loot box at the end of it?


Ali-A meanwhile confirmed he would not be wasting any credits on the classic Activision games personally, while Someone else called them whimsical but “not something you might end up paying too much attention to.”

But my favorite reaction was HJDoogan who at least made it seem as if he was under the impression Activision had made the games in R&R entirely for WWII:

“Now take a quick look at this, R&R, you can play games here, I don’t quite know what it’s about or if it leads to anything but it’s literally a place where you can play mini games, like they really fucking went in this year with this Headquarters things *phew* it’s gonna be a real banger year.”


Pitfall 2 on my PS4? One of the best platformers of a generation, considered by many to be the Atari’s single best game, all for only 10 credits a play?

It’s going to be a great year indeed.

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