Streamer Spends 14 Hours Punching Let It Die's Toughest Enemy To Death

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The Jackals are Let It Die’s most dangerous enemies. All players who have encountered these professional killers have perished. Until now. Linda the Legend spent half a day punching one of them in the face until they died.

Let It Die is a Playstation 4 action RPG made by Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture. It’s a bit rough around the edges but is still a great dungeon crawler. Players fight through numerous floors of a large tower in search of loot and glory. The Jackals are deadly enemies who destroy players in a single blow.

cyberassassin24 glitched one of these dangerous foes into an elevator. His character Linda began wailing on them. Linda was level 5o. The Jackal was level 200. It took fourteen hours of constant punching for the Jackal to die.


Soon after the victory, the game was taken down for maintenance. The Jackals were temporarily removed from the game. The developers tweeted about Linda’s achievement.

When the servers were restored, players received in game currency to thank them for their patience during the downtime. They also received another piece of currency and an in-game email about cyberassassin24's accomplishment.


“cyberassassin24's stream helped us address a serious issue,” the mail read. “Never forget Linda the Legendary Hero.”

Unfortunately, cyberassassin24 was not able to pick up any loot the Jackal dropped. An individual claiming to be from the game’s publisher GungHo Online Entertainment was present in the chat when the Jackal was killed. They said that he would receive a special reward in real life.


It’s unclear what his reward will be. My guess? A wonderful piece of apparel reading “I killed a level 200 Jackal and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt?”

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I’ve just got done playing this for three hours, I was expecting it to be utter pants, but instead I found it was a load of fun.

I can see this going far if it gets support and the monetization isn’t too heavy handed.