Stop "Zombie Mouth." Give Free Plants vs. Zombies to Trick-or-Treaters (Or Yourself)

Illustration for article titled Stop Zombie Mouth. Give Free emPlants vs. Zombies/em to Trick-or-Treaters (Or Yourself)

The maker of Plants vs. Zombies is teaming up with the American Dental Association to offer free copies of the game as Halloween treats, balancing out the usual bagful of teeth-rotting sugar and plastic every kid scarfs down on Nov. 1.


This site "" offers the printable coupons in .pdf form. (Dentists also are giving out packs of PvZ trading cards, with game codes, to kids). Yes, you may print out a code for yourself, but unlike the mini Mr. Goodbars, there's really no point in hoarding them. One will do.

Stop Zombie Mouth [Official Site]

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