Stop Motion Street Fighter

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What do you get with one borked SNES and two bored geeks? Stop-motion Street Fighter action figure battles. Fight!

Jacob Karsemeyer of Pushing Play sent this along. He and classmate Sam Klass filmed it in a college multimedia course. "Turns out stop motion is one of the most painstakingly laborious mediums to work with," he writes, "but the end result was worth the hours we spent taking thousands of images and stitching them together."

We've mentioned Jacob's work before - for his undergraduate thesis, he and another classmate created a Half Life mod that demonstrated video game physics, called Half-Life: Havoc

Stop Fighter 2 [Pushing Play]

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Whoa... That was just plain awesome... except for the two nerds... and the appearance of Notorious B.I.G... But otherwise, it was awesome.