Stolen Video Games Help Catch a Predator

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A Delaware man is looking at some time in the slammer for failing to register himself as a sex offender, and he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling video games.

The games, or his alleged desire to steal and then pawn them. Cops say Patrick Monceaux, 35, stole some video games out of a car in his neighborhood and resold them to a local store. Their investigation of that theft turned up Monceaux in the sex offender registry, for statutory rape back in 1998 - but not his current address. When I'm hiding from the law I generally try not to do things that would make the po-po interested in my whereabouts. But maybe they roll differently up in the 302.

What really sucks for Monceaux is that stealing and selling the games resulted in 24 counts - all of them misdemeanor. Failing to register as a sex offender, however, is a felony. So his next address might be the can.


Happily ever after: The police were able to return the games to their rightful owner.

Seaford Man Arrested for Theft, Failure to Re-Register as a Sex Offender [WBOC-TV via Hot Blooded Gaming]

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