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A Florida woman swiped and pawned her roommate's console, and when the cops came over to ask questions, they noticed a "large white chemical cloud" wafting out of the house. Better living through chemistry!


Today's fun-filled crime report comes from St. Johns County, Fla. (the greater Jacksonville area). Cops say a 36-year-old woman sneaked into her 24-year-old roommate's room, nabbed an Xbox and two controllers, and gave it to "an unidentified man to pawn," because of course, original Xboxes command top dollar.

The roommate evidently notices small details such as a missing video game console and called the fuzz. When the law showed up, they noticed the chem cloud and cleared the house while investigators crawled around it in space suits like the end of E.T.

The woman's been charged with a bunch of drug related counts, plus grand theft for the Xbox, and she's in the slammer on $16,000 bond. No word about the roommate, but damn, if she's cooking crank on the premises, wonder why he didn't call the law on her before she stole his console.

Deputies Discover Meth Lab On Barcelona Avenue [The St. Augustine Record via Game Politics. Image by The St. Augustine Record]

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