Valve rolled out "all-new server and client code" supporting downloads over its Steam digital distribution service, intriguingly noting that, "soon, Dota 2 will be delivered using it."

Dota 2 as yet has no release date (late 2011 is the last we've heard), so it's hard to say what "soon" actually means here. The new server and client code, however, is available now. Valve's encouraging users to test it out by downloading one of these trailers, all free.


"The new content system is designed to do two things: deliver better download rates in more places around the world, and also to simply streamline the publishing process on Steam, ultimately making it possible to ship more games than we would have been able to with the old system," Valve wrote.

Updates to the Steam client will include community-requested features such as download scheduling, bandwidth throttling and download prioritization. Users will also be able to download an update to a game while playing a game; the update will be applied after leaving the game.

There's much more about this at the link.


Download Better, Stronger, Faster [Valve; h/t N.A.]

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