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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Steam Account Sells for $1,000 on eBay

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's a story amusing not so much for the games that were sold or their price, but the fact the seller managed to, essentially, resell used Steam games. Like 139 of them, for $1,000. (With free shipping, too!)

Seller dave311freak estimated his collection's value at $2,700 and said he wanted at least $500 for the collection - which includes Grand Theft Auto IV, Modern Warfare 1 and 2, and Borderlands. He ended up getting double that.


"This account has absolutely no bans on any of the games, is in good standing with VAC, and any one of the games can be downloaded at any time on any computer with Steam on it," the seller wrote. "I will change all of the information in that account to the winner's email address and issue a password to the winner that he or she can change once they log in. I will also provide user account information for games that require additional credentials (Dragon Age for the DLC, Company of Heroes Account info, etc...)."

Why is dave311freak ditching his PC collection? "As you can probably tell, I spend way too much time buying and playing video games and I am going to try to spend more time with my family and doing other hobbies," he writes. I bet he comes crawling back in two weeks, but good luck anyway.

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