Starlight, Star Not So Bright

Jim Reilly, Kotaku New York intern and closet Saved By the Bell fanboy, hit up a Nintendo party and fundraiser for the Starlight Children's Foundation at the Nintendo World Store Friday night. Not only did he get to hang out with Kyle Massey of Cory in the House and get hands on with some unreleased games, he also had a chance to talk to Mark-Paul "Zack" Gosselaar about Rock Band. Specifically the former Bell star told Reilly that he really needs a singer for his Rock Band band. Preferably "chicks". And then, right there, in mid sentence, it seemed to dawn on Gossellar that what he was saying was going to be printed and he suddenly recalled his wife of 12 years. Smoooooooth. The run-down of coverage: Nintendo Throws A Party To Benefit Starlight Children's Foundation Mark-Paul Gosselaar Needs A Singer For Rock Band Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars: A Hardcore Title For Wii Rock Revolution For Wii: Air Drumming/Guitaring Isn't Very Fun


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