Nintendo invited press, games industry members, and some "A-List" celebrities to an exclusive party last night at their famous Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Plaza in Midtown Manhattan. It was all for a good cause, however, as invitees could partake in the silent charity auction and witness the presentation of mobile Wii gaming centers to be used to by patients in New York City hospitals. Oh yeah, there were also some playable games and an open bar there, too.I never know quite what to where to these types of events. Sure, there will be some important people there, but it's also a party, and there will be video games. I suppose a good suggestion would be to wear something "business casual," but baby, I don't do business casual. I'm either all business all the time, or wearing my sandals. Since I have a fear of over-dressing, I decided to rock the cargo shorts and plain gray shirt. I got there a little early and luckily witnessed what was perhaps the highlight of the night. A giant-size Pickachu mascot getting stuck trying to get out of the elevator.

Now, the invitation noted that "A-List" celebrities would be attending this particular party. I spent a lot of time on my way there thinking about who could possibly show up. I mean, who the hell would be attending this? Martha Stewart? Reggie? P fucking Diddy? Nope. In fact only three celebrities were scheduled to show up, and only two managed to make it.

Kyle Massey of Cory in the House and Mark-Paul Gosselaar from Saved By The Bell. I was told Russell Simmons was supposed to show up as well. But I didn't see him. Ok, I don't know who or what Cory In The House is, but Mark-Paul fucking Gosselaar? Are you kidding me? I almost fainted as I saw him walk through the door. I consider Saved By The Bell to be among the best television shows ever made. My entire childhood life was defined by that show. He wasn't there promoting a game or anything, just hanging out with his son playing some video games. He's a real cool guy (like you didn't know that already!) and he even let me interview him about his gaming habits for awhile casually by the bar. I'll be posting it soon. I got a chance to get some hands-on time with upcoming Wii games. Mushroom Men and Rock Revolution in particular. Impressions of those will be going up soon, too. Check out the gallery of the night's affairs below.