When Vista was released, few developers really wanted to take advantage of it. Most customers preferred XP, so most developers did, too. But could Windows 7 be different?

Stardock, the publishers behind Sins of a Solar Empire and Demigod, seem to think so. CEO Brad Wardell has told Gamasutra "it would be good if everybody switched to Windows 7 as quickly as possible". And why? Because, as you've probably heard elsewhere, Windows 7 is what Vista should have been, and provides the jump in performance and accessibility its predecessor was lacking.


That's not to say he wants developers to focus only on Windows 7. "One of the things that comes up often is, 'How has Stardock made so much money on these niche games?'" Wardell says. "Well, because our games run on millions of boxes."

So a balance between the two, then. Something scalable if you could, developers. That'd be great, thanks.

Stardock's Wardell: 'Switch To Windows 7 As Quickly As Possible' [Gamasutra]

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