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StarCraft II LAN Petition Hits 100K

Illustration for article titled StarCraft II LAN Petition Hits 100K

The petition to get offline network play added back in to Starcraft II has hit 100,000 signatures. Doesn't mean Blizzard will shift away from funneling everyone into Battle.Net. But six figures is a credible number.


In late June, Blizzard defended the removal of LAN support - and thus the end of the LAN party for this game - as a way to "ensure a quality multiplayer experience with StarCraft II and safeguard against piracy." The petition, in a quite pleading tone of voice, asks for LAN support to be saved, for reasons of lag, customer convenience, and the game's heritage.


I'm thinking the $$$ behind getting everyone on or else is going to speak well more loudly to Blizzard than 100,000 voices, no matter how reasonable their requests or respctfully they're worded. It makes me wonder if there ever was a useful Internet petition.

More than 100,000 Sign StarCraft II LAN Petition [VG247 via VE3D]

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People obviously don't understand the amount of time, effort and into adding LAN support in any game.

It sucks to still have to to do it only to please a niche market. Which is why most games are moving away from it.

Cost vs benefit analysis shows it ain't worth the extra cost just to please a few hardcores.

Adding it would also delay the title even further. And if they did that, there'd be way more than 100K signatures on the next petition.