Star Trek Online Starship Tactics Part 2: You Got The Power

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The second starship tactics video for Cryptic's Star Trek Online discusses power management, starship repair, and boarding parties.


I got a little excited when I heard the term 'boarding parties' in the video, but it turns out that the separation of starship combat and away missions remains intact, with boarding parties essentially acting as any other attack would. You launch shuttles, and your away team does the work behind-the-scenes. I would have enjoyed the chance to run around causing havoc on board an enemy vessel while it shook from the beating my ship was giving it, but I guess you can't have it both ways.

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Andrew Pederson

Some stuff I see is awesome and exactly how I want it. Other stuff however, it's simply just rushing it. You know, this is what ultimately sets apart Blizzard and nearly every other game company. Blizzard takes forever, but the reason for that is they want a perfect, polished product. They want people to go into the game imaging you can do everything you imaged you would be able to do. Simple as that.

This however, more cop outs. Even when the guy started talking about 'We didn't want to separate the player from the action, etc. etc.' it was sounding more and more like a PR spin then a dev lead demonstrating his team's work in a preview.

Need to spend an extra 1? 2? 3 years in order to allow me to actually board, navigate, and 'realistically' (canon wise) act as if I was in the 'actual' (once again, canon wise) universe. I'd take it. Too many times have I watched the actual Star Trek series and say "Why the hell are they doing this? Oh, because the 'realistic' solution to the problem is outside the shows low budget/time frame. Super." and now I'm pretty sure we'll see this in the game.

Will a Captain ever cease to lead a boarding team assembled of the highest ranking officers the ship has to offer, effectively making any team-wide-disaster also a ship-wide one? Probably not, not enough monies to hire people (to act, or program apparently).