There's a little bit of me that really wants to play Star Trek Online. It's the same part that owns five seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. But what race would I be?

Cute Vulcan? Adorable Andorian? Foxy Ferengi? Apparently, one can create whatever wrinkly-nosed race one can come up with in Star Trek Online, as proven by this seemingly endless stream of unique examples of bad skin conditions. That could lead to literally zillions of races infecting the virtual galaxy, sure to give Star Trek continuity fundamentalists eye twitches.

Near limitless race creations is probably not enough to get me to throw down for another MMO subscription — my World of Warcraft one went horribly — but enough for me to retain passing interest in STO.


Quick question: anyone know if you can play as an Orion slave girl? I've got a friend who wants to know.

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