Star Trek Online Developer Admits the Game's PvP Sucks

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While being forthright with his community about the woeful state of Star Trek Online's player-vs-player combat, a developer at Cryptic Studios also admitted to something of a self-fulfilling prophecy: PvP in the game is so bad, no one's participating in it. Participation is so low, the studio has seriously considered removing PvP altogether.

"Something has to be done, PVP cannot stay the way that it is now. We either have to try to save it, or take it out of the game completely," writes Dan Griffis in the game's official forums, adding that right now, he is the only developer currently working on PvP.

But Griffis is going to give this his best shot, warning the community that, "there are big changes coming to PVP, some I think you are going to like, others not so much because no one likes change.


"Some are not going to make a whole lot of sense at the time because you won't be seeing the whole long term plan I have in store for PVP over the course of the next year or so," he adds. And specific complaints in the near-term may go unaddressed because they'll be made moot by a long-term change that's planned. For example, Klingons having access to gear that Federation players don't. "This isn't going to be a problem in the new system since their will not be any [Federation] vs [Klingon] PVP. All PVP in the new system will be cross faction queues."

Nearly every MMO faces criticism of its PvP, making this one of the more thankless jobs in an industry full of them. At least the guy's being straightforward with his community.

Cryptic developer: Star Trek Online PvP is 'fail' [Massively]

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I wish more developers could admit that their shit is terrible.

The "THIS WAS MY ARTISTIC VISION, YOU'RE JUST A WHINY ENTITLED BABY" bullshit achieves nothing and just makes the game keep on sucking.