Star Trek Online is now online, with early start players flooding the game in order to get a leg up on the Starfleet captains waiting until launch day.

Ensign Qbert Qix of the U.S.S. Kotaku, reporting for duty. Don't worry, the name will change as I play, I was just at a loss for what to call my new pink and yellow alien, colored to match our website. He's a tactical officer, and he's also in the middle of the tutorial at the moment, so he has no ship of his own. Won't be long now.

I'm introducing him because he'll play a big part in our review coverage for Star Trek Online, the game we've chosen to test out a new review system. Starting Monday, I'll be posting four weekly logs of my game time, letting you folks know what I've experienced and how much I've played. That way, once the review goes up at the end of the fourth week, you'll have a pretty good idea of how I've spent my time, which should help add or subtract weight to the final verdict.

Things are a bit rocky right now in game, with the on-foot portions of the tutorial chugging and the in-space portions floating along rather smoothly.


Check back Monday for the first Star Trek Online MMO journal.