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With the game's launch just around the corner, the Star Trek Online beta test ends today as many things have before it - with a large-scale invasion by the Klingons.


The Star Trek Online beta test is going out on a high note, as massive Klingon fleet masses near Qo'noS, preparing to enter Federation space. Beta participants are urged to man their vessels and prepare for a large-scale battle, kicking off at 2PM Pacific time, or approximately 40 minutes after this post goes live.

I'm patching like a madman, but my internet is giving me troubles today, so while I hope to make an appearance in the brilliantly exploding U.S.S. Kotaku, perhaps discretion is the better part of valor.


After the event the beta test servers will shut down, with early start beginning at 10AM Pacific on Friday.

End Of Beta Event [Star Trek Online - Thanks Liam!]

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