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Star Ocean 4 Makes Strong Japanese Sales Debut (For Xbox 360 Game)

Illustration for article titled Star Ocean 4 Makes Strong Japanese Sales Debut (For Xbox 360 Game)

Square Enix role-playing-game Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope has given Japanese companies another glimmer of hope for the Xbox 360.


While the Xbox 360 has been successful abroad, the console traditionally has had difficulty cracking the Japanese market. Recently, Microsoft has made in-roads with consumers in The Land of the Rising Sun thanks to titles like Star Ocean 4 that appeal to Japanese gamers.

In its first four days on sale, Star Ocean 4 has sold 166,027 copies in the sales week that began February 16 and ended February 22.


According to sales data from Japanese publisher Enterbrain, here's how Star Ocean 4 compares to the estimated total sales of the other top two Xbox 360 games in Japan.

1. Blue Dragon 203,740 copies
2. Tales of Vesperia 170, 024 copies
3. Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope 166,027 copies

During Star Ocean 4's first week at retail, Xbox 360 console sales reached 24,584 units. The game goes on sale today in North America.

『スターオーシャン4』の初週販売本数は16万6027本、Xbox 360用ソフトではトップクラスの出足に [Famitsu]

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It's still a game that's on the wrong system. 360 wasn't made for was made for Halo. Playing anything else can cause RRoD =P

All these JRPGs should be come out on PS3. On there, they would get the appreciation they deserve, at home and abroad. Call me a fanboy or a troll, but we all know it's true.