Q-Games prez Dylan Cuthbert also is the creator of three Star Fox games for Nintendo, but he's not interested in doing one for the Wii. He also says Star Fox fans like furries.

Cuthbert sounds like he wants no part of a new Star Fox title for the Wii. "It'd be a big project, like 100 people on the staff," he said. "It's just not something we really want to do." Wiimote control also doesn't appeal to him, although it sounds like he confused the question from the G4 interviewer. But there was no confusing this appraisal: "The Wii is a bit more of a toy, I think."

Cuthbert also gets a dig in at Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto. G4 asked him why some games (Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault, which he didn't develop) took Fox McCloud out of the cockpit and made him run around, instead of sticking with the title's space-shooter theme.

I think that's all Miyamoto. Whenever I speak to Miyamoto about Star Fox, he says it's not meant to be just a flying, sci-fi shooting game. It's meant to be anything we want to think up. But the core fans don't want that, but Miyamoto doesn't really care about that. He wants to make what he wants to make, so he just goes ahead and gets it done.

Just because Cuthbert and Q-Games won't be doing Star Fox Wii doesn't mean it won't be made. "Maybe they'll go back to Namco," he speculates. "Star Fox is an interesting brand. It has a very hardcore audience. People like those furries a little too much."


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