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Stand by for kinda-Titanfall! Paul and I are playing Respawn’s battle royale Apex Legends right now on Twitch. Come join chat for chill times and zip lines.


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I Love Big TDs

I don’t see how this game sticks out in the genre. I haven’t played yet but I watched a lot of streams. TTK seems wildly inconsistent, but usually slow. And giving ‘specialists’ powers was a really boneheaded idea in BO4 mp, so I don’t like the idea.

It seems like this is cramming Overwatch (which I’m not a fan of) without the charm into an odd 3 man squad BR game based on a ‘new IP’ which is just an old IP stripped of its defining features: the traversal and Titans.

One thing I like is that one character can apparently create ziplines/grapple lines. I’ve thought more games should have actual survival gear. And I like the verticality. Gonna try it when I get home later and see how I like it.