After one of the world's best Final Fantasy XI guilds had to throw in the towel after a marathon 18 hour plus battle left them exhausted, physically ill and β€” most importantly β€” non-victorious, Questions Were Asked.

Clearly concerned that their customers might be in danger of A) doing themselves a mischief and B) not having fun anymore, Square Enix has responded with a series of changes to the MMO "to prevent such battles from exceeding a certain predetermined length of time"

In a post to the official site entitled "Regarding Specific Notorious Monsters" Square has announced that the major league bosses Pandemonium Warden, Absolute Virtue and Jailer of Love (all of whom would make excellent Emo album titles) and their associated pets will be modified in the game's September update.


Final Fantasy XI Online Official Site [Thanks to Jeff Amick for the tip]