Final Fantasy XI Boss Takes At Least 18 Hours To Beat?

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There's one boss that stands above all others in Final Fantasy XI. Pandemonium Warden. Never seen it myself (never even played FFXI myself), but I'm assured he's a tough cookie. So tough, in fact, that when the guild BeyondTheLimitation tried to take him on the other day, they ran into some problems. Namely, that it was taking hours to defeat just a single form of a monster that had already changed form 20 times. In the end, the guild had to call it quits, because after 18 hours of combat members of the party started throwing up and passing out from exhaustion. 18 hours? We get it Square, tough bosses are tough, but 18+ hours of combat isn't fun. It doesn't sit well with the game's own warning message, either.


How Long is Too Long? [Pet Food Alpha, thanks Brandon!]

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Oh yea... I in fact have just very recently stopped playing FFXI, and my linkshell is like one fight away from being able to fight the Warden. I've pretty much completed every storyline there was in the game and still have never beaten the hardest NMs.

As for the 18hrs... I'm almost positive there were people switching in and out. Most of the LS's that are able to do these things have enough people spread out over the timezones to do shifts (of course there are those who will stay up for days). There have been a few weekends where I played non-stop for at least 18hrs though, given it was during my normal "awake" time.