Square Enix Will Hold An E3 Conference This Year

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After skipping 2016 and 2017, Square Enix is again holding its own press conference this year, the publisher said today. Is it time for Final Fantasy XVI?


Square’s presser will take place on Monday morning at 10am PT, just before Ubisoft’s at 1pm PT. It’s safe to say we’ll see Kingdom Hearts III, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Dragon Quest XI, but what other surprises do they have in the works? Will we get our first peek at the new Avengers game? More info on the Final Fantasy VII remake? PC ports of Final Fantasy V and VI that don’t look like garbage? Stay tuned.

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There is no way they’re going to announce FFXVI. They’ll talk about the FF7 remake (“Coming soon” followed by a few seconds of new footage), announce new DLC expansions for FFXV/FFXIV, and show a trailer for KH3 (and announce a 6 month delay). A couple of new mobile FF games, perhaps. But there is no way in hell we’re getting FFXVI before 2025, at the absolute earliest.

I’m not exaggerating here, this is truly what I believe. Squeenix just cannot get its shit together with FF games.