People Are Still Trying To Make Final Fantasy VI Look Less Awful On PC

Left: Bad. Right: Better!

One of the biggest shames in modern gaming is how badly Square Enix mangled its ports of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI to the PC. Fortunately, modders are still working overtime to try to fix them.

“A World Reborn,” for example, is an in-progress mod by ESN23 that adds more character to the pallid sprites of Square’s FFVI port. When combined with a font mod (by kvg88) that adds kerning and makes everything seem a little less flat, this mod makes the PC version of Final Fantasy VI a little less... torturous on the eyes.

I’m also partial to kvg88’s mod that changes the game’s font from Arial to Chicago, although it’s hard to get around how ugly the menus are. Since Square simply ported the mobile version rather than revamping the user interface for PC, everything looks like it’s meant for a touchscreen. Here are some shots of the Chicago-font mod:


But at least it’s a start? Until Square just re-releases the GBA version—come on already—we’ll have to rely on modders to correct the company’s heinous mistakes.

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