Square Enix is trying to get players back into Final Fantasy XI by helping them reactivate their old accounts. At PAX East in Boston, the company has a tiny station next to its giant Final Fantasy XIV showcase where someone will use your original email or other info to try and perform some internet archeology.

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I get emails from them all the time to re-up my sub to FFXI.  I can’t believe this game is still going.  I really liked it back in the day, but the newer expansions have really done weird things with the game.  It’s still mostly un-soloable, grindy, and full of outdated mechanics.  I played it pretty heavily maybe 3 years ago to try to see if I could get back into it, but most players just wanted to power through the game using a method called “book burning”.  It was a way of getting tons of XP very quickly in specific dungeons.  It just drained my interest.