Spore Spurns Older Macbooks

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Spore isn't the most resource intensive game around, but it still needs a fairly beefy system. You would expect, therefore, to have problems running it on older 'legacy' machines. Last years laptop should be ok though, right? Right? If you own a MacBook made before late 2007, you are out of luck. According to the Spore system requirements, the game will not work with the Intel GMA 950 graphics hardware used in Macbooks until the end of last year. The MacBook Pro with its fancy-schmancy nVidia Geforce 8600M GT is fine. The problem seems to be with the OSX drivers for the GMA 950. If you run WIndows XP via Boot Camp on the same hardware the game will run without problems - although this could add up to $200 to the price of the game if you don't own it already. Spore Hates your Macbook [GhostRazor - thanks to Angus McQuarrie for the tip]

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Mac: Hello I'm a Mac

PC: And I'm a PC

Mac: Hey PC, did you know that Mac Geniuses can swap out all of your fil -

PC: Shut up I run Spore, you fail.