It was recently suggested to Maxis producer Morgan Roarty that LittleBigPlanet has horned in, maybe even stolen the user-created content crown away from Spore. Pish-tosh, said Roarty.

"They don't have anything near our numbers of things created," Roarty told CVG. He said about 250,000 creatures, buildings and vehicles are created every day by Spore's install base.

"I don't think their base editors are as easily accessible as our editors," Roarty said. "I think we really have that on them."

Fine, except, you're not really making the same thing. One's a creature with penis arms and an alligator face (or vice versa), the other's a platform level. Roarty sort of gets that, conceding to CVG that there isn't "a lot for people to do" with what they create in Spore, "whereas in LittleBigPlanet you can make stuff with those things."


Spore's Galactic Adventures is on the move however, and when it arrives then it can really show LBP who's the king of making stuff with those things. I guess.


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