Spore Creature Creator Demo Leaks Early

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The plan was to have a Spore Creature Creator Demo, containing about 25 percent of the full library of creature pieces parts, going out to the public around June 17, around the same time as the full version, which costs $9.99.

Well, a file purporting to be that demo is on Megaupload as we speak. Now, 191 MB is a huge file just to be bogus malware, but still, we assume no responsibility if this isn't what it says it is or turns out to be something worse.

Spore releases for PC and Mac on Sept. 8, 2008, with a version for the DS on Sept. 7 and another TBA for the Wii.


Spore Creature Creator Demo (.exe) [MegaUpload, thanks Null Void]

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@Ignorance's Enemy: Yeah, I guess he... or is it they... I'm not sure when it comes to alien spore created creatures with three heads. Either way, I do think that the third Erberus is the runt of the litter. ;) ;) ;)

But seriously, the "Arrroooo"ing puppies is so adorable. I can't wait for them to take over the universe.